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Semantics 21 are award winning software and algorithm developers who specialise in providing state-of-the-art, intelligent, multimedia analytics applications for law enforcement and associated organisations.



In the pursuit of reducing the ‘Semantic gap’ (the intelligence separating humans from computers, with regards to grasping meanings), our applications are designed towards replicating the intelligent decision making patterns of humans, whilst harnessing the power, automation, consistency and continuity of the latest computing technology.



We have three leading applications LASER–p, LASERv and LASER–t  with many more products in development. Details of these can be seen under the ‘LASERi Suite’ menu of the website.


We have a simple answer: All our products are aimed towards simplifying, streamlining, modernising and future proofing digital forensics.


In a constant ‘cat and mouse’ game of catch-up, law enforcement agencies are always on the back foot, reactive as opposed to proactive. Budget, time and expertise constraints understandably prevent them from being able to invest time and money into research to modernise procedures, and harness the power of computers.


We aim to tackle this issue, and make intelligent tools for you. Our applications are able to filter through thousands of images and videos, to actually ‘understand’ what their content is, how relevant the content is for the current investigation, and whether or not it needs further review.


Most importantly, we do what we do because we want to protect children from exploitation and to safeguard the mental health of investigators.


When we design, develop and test the cutting-edge tools that we provide, we have very clear and crisp guidelines which help us ensure that we are working for you, the users of our tools. The market is saturated with tools which add layers of complexity, overload users with information, and put more pressure onto users, as opposed to assisting them in getting the job done. We are different. We strive to deliver:

     Tools which are intuitive, simple and yet powerful; to assist the users.
Tools with the power required, without ‘falling short’ or ‘overkill’; they distil complexities and simplify workflows.
Tools which allow users to concentrate on what they are reviewing, as opposed to the how.
Tools which save time, by harnessing the power of advanced algorithms, because ultimately time is money.
S21 and Magnet Forensics Partnership

We are proud to partner with Magnet Forensics. This partnership ensures that our software and teams are able to collaborate and work together, so that end users can get the best from their investigations. The S21 LASERi Suite and Magnet AXIOM are able to share intelligence with each other, allowing the awesome image and video categorisation and victim identification power of LASERi to work alongside the fantastic data recovery, social media extraction and many other features of AXIOM.


Jad Saliba, Magnet Founder and CTO, had this to say about the integration:

“Our mission of empowering investigators to find more evidence and uncover the truth would not be possible without the ability to partner with top digital forensics vendors like Semantics 21. That they share our vision of modernizing digital forensics through technology like AI makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring our customers have a reliable standard for identifying child exploitative content.”


Checkout and read more from our joint announcement here.

S21 and BlackBag Technologies Partnership

The S21 team are proud to announce a partnership with BlackBag Technologies. We are delighted to collaborate, so that our tools work together to put in the hands of end users streamlined but flexible investigation workflows. The S21 LASERi Suite and BlackLight can share intelligence via the S21 intelligence database or our newly developed custom XML tailored for BlackLight to achieve maximum data sharing and seamless integration between our tools.


BlackBag co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, Ben Charnota, explains the partnership as a necessity. “Enabling the efficient investigation of digital data is critical in today’s digital world,” he says. When we discovered Semantics 21 technology, we immediately knew a partnership between the organizations would result in reducing the vast amounts of data facing investigators by enabling a more efficient exam of images and videos seamlessly integrating into BlackLight. We are excited to partner with an organization who embraces our mission of revealing the truth in data to create a safer world.


Check out and read more from our joint announcement here.

S21 and Project VIC Partnership

S21 is proud to be a Certified Premier Partner of Project VIC (inc. UK CAID variant), an ecosystem dedicated like ourselves to the safeguarding of children, and identification of victims. By working together Project VIC and S21 are able to share intelligence which leads to safeguarding more victims who could otherwise have been missed. The team at S21 are proud to be supporting this great cause, and helping to contribute to the continuous development of the ecosystem to find even more victims, faster.


“Project VIC has worked closely with Semantics 21 and is pleased to announce certification of its product line,” said Richard Brown, Director of Project VIC. “Semantics 21 has adopted our ecosystem’s standards (including PhotoDNA, F1 Video Fingerprinting and the VICS Data Model) and combined them with its own cutting-edge technologies to provide a solution for victim-identification specialists around the world.”


Check out and read more from our joint announcement here.

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